Websites you should check out

My own trip planner

I've compiled a list of trips, primarily for the Sierra Nevada, from books and magazines as well as general internet sleuthing. Includes details like if a dog or campfire is allowed. Always a work in progress.

A great site to get a weather forcast for specific point and elevation (as opposed to a nearby city).


NOAA Snow Depth

This site isn't entirely accurate (usually underestimates) but it's good for getting idea of the snow depth so you can plan accordingly. Another site that uses the same data and adds the PCT trail is

Shows the boundries of all wilderness areas (national parks and national forests) as well as the trails if you zoom in far enough.


Natural Atlas

Very detailed trail maps and aggregates trips from various sources.


Yosemite Hikes

Has all the hikes in yosemite listed with ratings and pictures. Everything you need to know all in one spot.


Backpack the Sierra

Variety of Sierra information including early season trips and general tips.


Outdoors Generation

Beginner's guide to backpacking.