Various Ways of Getting In Touch

Email is always the best and quickest way to get in touch (mdburmeister at gmail dot com). Sorry about the format, I don't want spammers sending me any more crap mail than I already get.

Follow me on Instagram, which is the site I'm most active on.


I'm on Facebook sometimes, so look me up.



I've posted a few pics on flickr.


Another social networking site, but this one is all about the music. You can check out my profile and see what I'm listening to or play my playlist.


Pandora is another site that I'm on quite a bit.  Pretty cool site for finding music... but not so much a social networking site. 

DeviantARTis an awesome site for art and is the source for my computer wallpapers.  I also use it for inspiration for various designs including websites and t-shirts.  I constantly add the ones that I like to my favorites section so I can access it later.  Take a look.


Linkedin seems to be gaining popularity in the corporate world as a way to keep in touch, request recommendations and flash around your resume.