Thumbnail Trip Name Park Name Wilderness Name Month Day Year Overall Rating Nights Type Miles State
Sky Pilot LoopBridger-Teton National ForestBridger Wilderness7152023star rating3Loop55WY
Cape Alava LoopOlympic National Park9292022star rating1Loop6WA
Spray ParkMount Rainier National Park9262022star rating2Out and Back15WA
Kirk CreekLos Padres National Forest Ventana Wildernss7252021star rating1Out-and-back12CA
Big McGee Lake and Tully LakeInyo National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness8302019star rating2Out-and-back26CA
Silver Peak Loop (Buckeye > Cruikshank > Salmon Creek)Los Padres National ForestSilver Peak Wilderness4252019star rating220CA
North Lake to South Lake LoopInyo National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness8212018star rating4Partial Loop55CA
Pate ValleyYosemite National Park1142017star rating2Out-and-back22CA
Lillian Lake LoopSierra National ForestAnsel Adams Wilderness712017star rating2Loop26CA
Maggie LakesSequoia National ForestGolden Trout Wilderness1142016star rating2Out-and-back24CA
Pioneer BasinInyo National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness8202016star rating0Out-and-back0CA
Pat SpringsLos Padres National ForestVentana Wilderness5192016star rating0Out-and-back0CA
California Riding and Hiking TrailJoshua Tree National Park562016star rating0Out-and-back0CA
Buck LakeStanislaus National ForestEmigrant Wilderness9102015star rating0Semi-loop0CA
Robinson LakeHumboldt-Toiyabe National ForestHoover Wilderness6192015star rating0Out-and-back0CA
White Ledge CampLos Padres National ForestSan Rafael Wilderness3292015star rating0Semi-loop0CA
Glacier Point to Half Dome Yosemite National Park882014star rating0Semi-loop0CA
Long Lake and Stella LakeHumboldt-Toiyabe National ForestHoover Wilderness6132014star rating0Out-and-back0CA
Sespe Hot SpringsLos Padres National ForestSespe Wilderness4142014star rating0Out-and-back0CA
Sykes Hot SpringsLos Padres National ForestVentana Wilderness3142014star rating0Out-and-back0CA
Santa Rosa Island Channel Islands National Park1192013star rating0Out-and-back0CA
Disappointment LakeSierra National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness892013star rating0Out-and-back0CA
Lake Vernon Loop Yosemite National Park5102013star rating0Loop0CA
Moose LakeSequoia National Park832012star rating0Loop0CA
Gem Lake and Waugh Lake LoopInyo National ForestAnsel Adams Wilderness682012star rating0Semi-loop0CA
Tuolumne Meadows to Merced LakeYosemite National Park9192011star rating0Loop0CA
Kearsarge LakesInyo National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness9152011star rating0Out-and-back0CA
Bowman LakeGlacier National Park8152011star rating0Out-and-back0MT
Cotton Wood LakesInyo National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness7272011star rating0Out-and-back0CA
Escalante RouteGrand Canyon National Park5192011star rating0Hike-through0AZ
Reyes Creek to Pine Mountain LodgeLos Padres National ForestSespe Wilderness2112011star rating0Out-and-back0CA
Garnet Lake and Minaret LakeInyo National ForestAnsel Adams Wilderness9232010star rating0Hike-through0CA
Cotton Wood LakesInyo National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness8252010star rating0Out-and-back0CA
Gallatin Skyline TrailYellowstone National Park7102010star rating0Hike-through0WY
Rae Lakes LoopKing's Canyon National Park5282010star rating0Loop0CA
Lost Horse Mine LoopJoshua Tree National Park4302010star rating0Loop0CA
Bear TrapLos Padres National ForestSespe Wilderness2202010star rating0Out-and-back0CA
Borrego Palm CanyonAnza Borrego Desert State Park262010star rating0Out-and-back0CA
West Rim and the SubwayZion National Park1012009star rating0Out-and-back0UT
Yosemite Falls - Tenya Lake - Half Dome LoopYosemite National Park792009star rating0Loop0CA
Switzer Falls Angeles National Forest732009star rating0Out-and-back0CA
Shield PeakSan Bernardino National ForestSan Gorgonio Wilderness6132009star rating0Out-and-back0CA
Yosemite FallsYosemite National Park582009star rating0Out-and-back0CA
Bridge to Nowhere Angeles National Forest4172009star rating0Out-and-back0CA
Strawberry JunctionMount San Jacinto State Park3282009star rating0Out-and-back0CA
Piedra Blancas to Pine Mountain LodgeLos Padres National ForestSespe Wilderness3132009star rating0Out-and-back0CA
East Trail and West Trail LoopLost Maples State Natural Area352009star rating0Loop0TX
Sawyer Hollow CampLake Georgetown10172008star rating0Out-and-back0TX
Big Five Lakes Loop Sequoia National Park7122008star rating0Loop0CA
Southwest RimBig Bend National Park5102008star rating0Out-and-back0TX
Lost Pines Bastrop State Park3232008star rating0Out-and-back0TX
Flag PondLake Somerville State Park1182008star rating0Out-and-back0TX
Hermit's Shack Camp AreaHill Country State Natural Area11302007star rating0Out-and-back0TX
East Trail LoopLost Maples State Natural Area972007star rating0Loop0TX
Primitive Camping AreaPedernales Falls State Park5252007star rating0Out-and-back0TX
Spice Wood SpringsColorado Bend State Park4202007star rating0Out-and-back0TX
Wilderness Camp AreaHill Country State Natural Area3302007star rating1Out-and-back0TX
North Fork Big Pine Creek (to Palisades Glacier)Inyo National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness111star rating216
Cone Peak Loop (Kirk > Vicente > Goat/Trail Spring)Los Padres National ForestVentana Wilderness111star rating225
Black Cone Loop (China > Pine Ridge > Willow Spring)Los Padres National ForestVentana Wilderness111star rating230
Carmel River Camp to Hiding CampLos Padres National ForestVentana Wilderness111star rating119
Pine Creek to Granite Park and Italy PassInyo National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness111star rating115
The Great Mono LoopInyo National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness111star rating3Loop40
Mono Creek to Big Margaret LakeInyo National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness111star rating112
Duck Lake and Purple LakeInyo National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness111star rating220
Silver Pass Loop (Lake Edison to Chief Lake)Sierra National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness111star rating121
Woodchuck TH to Cathedral LakeSierra National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness111star rating338
Iva Bell Hot Springs LoopSierra National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness111star rating125
Convict Canyon to Lake DorothyInyo National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness111star rating112
North Lake to Lamarack Col and Darwin BenchInyo National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness111star rating113
Rancheria Trailhead to Chain LakesSierra National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness111star rating17
George Lake LoopSierra National ForestKaiser Wilderness111star rating116
Mt WhitneyInyo National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness111star rating122
Baxter Pass Trailhead to Rae Lakes and Sixty Lakes BasinKings Canyon National Park111star rating230
Sawmill Pass Trailhead to Woods LakeInyo National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness111star rating120
Surprise Canyon to Panamint CityDeath Valley National ParkDeath Valley Wilderness111star rating112
Lodgepole to Deadman Canyon LoopSequoia National ParkSequoia-Kings Canyon Wilderness111star rating452
Middle Fork Kaweah to Redwood MeadowSequoia National ParkSequoia-Kings Canyon Wilderness111star rating126
Crescent Meadow to Hamilton LakeSequoia National ParkSequoia-Kings Canyon Wilderness111star rating130
South Fork Big Pine Creek to Finger LakeInyo National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness111star rating110
Weaver and Jennie Lake LoopSequoia National ForestJennie Lakes Wilderness111star rating115
Isberg Trailhead to Sadler Lake and McClure LakeSierra National ForestAnsel Adams Wilderness111star rating118
Anona and Ashley Lake Loop (from Devil's Postpile)Inyo National ForestAnsel Adams Wilderness111star rating115
East Kennedy Lake and Volcanic Lakes LoopKings Canyon National ParkSequoia-Kings Canyon Wilderness111star rating230
Taboose Pass to Bench LakeInyo National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness111star rating120
Lake Sabrina to Hungry Packer LakeInyo National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness111star rating113
Bear Creek to Marie LakeInyo National ForestJohn Muir Wilderness111star rating122
Roads End to Lake ReflectionKings Canyon National ParkSequoia-Kings Canyon Wilderness111star rating126
Red Peak Pass Loop (Illilouette to Ottaway to Merced)Yosemite National Park111star rating560
Clarke Range LoopYosemite National Park111star rating00
Cherry Lake to Boundary LakeYosemite National Park111star rating126
Tuolumne Meadows to Young LakesYosemite National Park111star rating117
20 Lakes Basin LoopInyo National ForestHoover Wilderness111star rating113
Glen Aulin and Waterwheel FallsYosemite National Park111star rating119
East Lake and Green Lake LoopToiyabe National ForestHoover Wilderness111star rating121
Benson Lake and Matterhorn Canyon LoopYosemite National Park111star rating454
Dinkey LakesSierra National ForestDinkey Lakes Wilderness111star rating118
Glen Alpine to Half Moon LakeEldorado National ForestDesolation Wilderness111star rating112
Eagle Falls to Velma Lake, Rubicon River, and Aloha Lake LoopEldorado National ForestDesolation Wilderness111star rating226
Four Pass LoopWhite River National ForestMaroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness111star rating226
Continental Divide LoopRocky Mountain National Park111star rating227
Pitamakan Pass and Dawson Pass LoopGlacier National Park111star rating117
Cut Bank Campground to Triple Divide PassGlacier National Park111star rating114
Ptarmigan Tunnel and Red Gap Pass LoopGlacier National Park111star rating228
Teton Crest TrailGrand Tetons National Park111star rating340
Island Lake and Trapper Lake LoopBridger National ForestBridger Wilderness111star rating340
Devils Dome LoopMt. Baker National ForestPasayten Wilderness111star rating340
Wonderland TrailMt Rainier National Park111star rating893
The EnchantmesntsWenatchee National ForestAlpine Lakes Wilderness111star rating218
Spade and Venus LakesWenatchee National ForestAlpine Lakes Wilderness111star rating128
Pete Lake to Spectacle LakeWenatchee National ForestAlpine Lakes Wilderness111star rating120
Thorton LakeNorth Cascades National Park111star rating110
Northern LoopMt Rainier National Park111star rating230
Copper Ridge LoopNorth Cascades National Park111star rating236
Rouge River TrailSiskiyou National ForestWild Rogue Wilderness111star rating340
Eastern Loop TrailMt Rainier National Park111star rating335
Mother Mountain OrbitMt Rainier National Park111star rating116
Weminuche Wilderness – Elk Park – Needleton LoopSan Juan National ForestWeminuche Wilderness111star rating340
Cascade Pass to Chelan LakeNorth Cascade National Park111star rating340
Robin LakesWenatchee National ForestAlpine Lakes Wilderness111star rating115
Ruby Crest TrailHumboldt National ForestRuby Mountains Wilderness111star rating335
The Lost Coast TrailKing Range National Conservation AreaKing Range Wilderness111star rating325
Cirque of the Towers LoopShoshone National ForestPopo Agie Wilderness111star rating224
Gardner Meadow to Boulder LakeToiyabe National ForestCarson-Iceberg Wilderness111star rating224
Alice and Toxaway Lakes LoopSawtooth National ForestSawtooth Wilderness111star rating228
Kinta Lake to Goat HauntGlacier National Park111star rating230
Mount San Jacincto via Deer Creek111star rating114
Icehouse Canyon to Cucamonga PeakSan Bernadino Nation ForestCucamonga Wilderness111star rating112
Piedra Blanca Trailhead to Willet Hot SpringsLos Padres National ForestSespe Wilderness111star rating120
Dollar Lake and Dry Lake LoopSan Bernardino National ForestSan Gorgonio Wilderness111star rating124
Momyer Creek and Vivian Creek LoopSan Bernardino National ForestSan Gorgonio Wilderness111star rating122
Indian Creek CampLos Padres National ForestDick Smith Wilderness111star rating115
Havasua FallsHavasupai Reservation111star rating120
South Kaibab to North Kaibab to Bright Angel (Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim)Grand Canyon National Park111star rating346
Red Castle Peak and Kings Peak LoopUinta-Wasatch-Cache National ForestHigh Unitas Wilderness111star rating340
Rockwall TrailKootenay National Park111star rating340
Amethyst LakeUinta-Wasatch-Cache National ForestHigh Uintas Wilderness111star rating113
Big Oak Flat to Eagle PeakYosemite National Park111star rating120
Timberline TrailMt Hood National ForestMt Hood Wilderness111star rating440
Mount Eielson Loop and Anderson PassDenali National Park Denali Wilderness111star rating333
Kesugi Ridge TrailDenali State Park111star rating437
Chinese Wall TrailFlathead National ForestBob Marshall Wilderness111star rating6Out and back54