Tips For a Better Trip

Updated - 09/22/19

While I have only been hiking for a few years, there are several things that I found out either the hard way or was fortunate enough to read about ahead of time. I want to share this information with people to make life easier.


  • Your feet are important and you should take good care of them. This includes the proper footware (both hiking shoes and hiking socks).
  • If you feel a blister developing on your foot, stop and attend to it. Ignoring the problem will only make it harder on you later on. Mole skins or first aid tape works well.
  • You also want keep your feet dry while out on the trails. Wet feet will often lead to blisters and make pushing on a painful affair.
  • Pack

  • Always pack for the trip you're going on. Using a list a great way to make sure you have everything you need, but you likely don't need to bring everything on the list. Pay attention to the weather reports for the temperature and chances of rain and then pack accordingly.
  • When packing your backpack, put items you won't need for the hike in the bottom (sleeping bag, cooking gear), heavier items in the middle near the back, and items you'll need along the way (snacks, warm layer, camera) near the top of the pack or in other accessible pockets.
  • The more people going in your group, the easier it is to bring al those luxury items (like lanterns and playing cards). If it's just one or two of you, determine what is most essential for your trip and leave the extras at home.
  • Clothing

  • Always wear layers (at least when it's cool). This gives you the ability to take off your outer layer when you're on the move and starting to work up a sweat.
  • Pace

  • When hiking long distances over difficult terrain, the best method for going about it is to keep a slow, steady pace. This allows you to keep your heart rate down and preserve your energy. You also make better time because you don't need to stop every few minutes for a breather. Slow and stead wins the race!